Getting StartedΒΆ

Welcome to the FOMOD Designer documentation! Let’s get right to it.

Run the executable that comes with the package. If you need help with getting the correct package for you see the Installation page.

First, you’ll see the Intro window. At the bottom of this window you’ll see your most recently opened installers, in the future you can select one here to open it more quickly. Since you most likely have no recent installers, click the New/Open button. Here you’ll choose the folder where the package you want to make an installer for is located.


Now for an important distinction from other apps you may have used: the FOMOD Designer does not have separate New and Open buttons. Simply select the correct folder and it’ll auto detect an existing installer. If you want to know about the behind the scenes for this, check the F.A.Q..

The Main window should now appear. If you’re a first-time user it should load the Basic View and you should head on to the Basic Usage. In case you’re a returning user and/or you’ve enabled the Advanced View head to the Advanced Usage.


If you need help with a button or something else on the window, try hovering over it and checking the bottom left of the screen, in the status bar.